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    Chef Duke takes calls from our listeners.

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  2. Beyond Reality Radio

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    10/20/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - National Bigfoot Day: a look at Bigfoot sightings around the country - is it flesh & blood or some sort of mass hysteria?


    10/20/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Dr. Robert Bartholomew discusses his books regarding Bigfoot and mass hysteria. Dr. Bartholomew's research of sightings throughout New York State, and New England answer some questions and raise others. Could mass hysteria be involved, or will we some day find irrefutable evidence that the creatures exist. Also, we discuss the creepy clown craze, and it's seemingly increasing menace. Plus, listener phone calls.

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    Two men, two women go out to dinner. Then...
      If the ladies arranged the evening and picked the place, they pay.
      One of the men picks up the whole thing.
      Each couple pays half.